Five Mistakes New Club DJs Make

Many new DJs are bound to make a lot of mistakes because of their inexperience. It takes a lot of practice and some years to fully master the skill as a director of music in the club.

Here are five mistakes which new DJs tend to make at the start of their career.

Not Playing Enough Recurrent Music

New DJs believe that the only atmosphere they need to create in the club is playing the latest music, especially the ones which are currently topping the charts. The truth is, this type of music will definitely cause a reaction on the dance floor, but it will only interest a fraction of the people. What about those who don’t have any interest in that type of music? Most of today’s songs are not as hot as some all-time classics. An experienced DJ knows the importance of playing songs which have stood the test of time at the club.

Not Studying the Crowd

Another widespread mistake is when the DJ just plays music and plays around with the settings without having an idea what type of audience he will be entertaining for the night. Study their reaction whenever music is played, and a DJ who puts his attention on his crowd will definitely rock the club.

Focusing on Social Media Hype

Many DJs forget the purpose of who they are and get distracted by promo photos, celebrity journals or even try to start up conversations on social media such as Facebook and Twitter etc. A DJ who fails to focus on his music is not a good DJ at all. Some DJs use social media as a way to promote themselves as artists, and then become obsessed with creating a social media personality.

Not Knowing the Right Gear to Use

At the beginning of most DJs careers, they may become more concerned about budget control. This sometimes affects the gear they end up settling for. As a DJ it is important to choose the right type of equipment because it could always change the impact of the music played at the club. It is also a good idea to know the venue where you will be playing, as that will determine the choice of gear to get.

Falling into the Hands of Greedy Club Owners

Some nightclub owners have the habit of offering new DJs time slots at their club on the condition that they play music for free, and sadly, most new DJs will take up a free offer. They later end up accepting low amounts which are far below the industry market value.

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