Tips on Avoiding Sexual Assault When Visiting Night Clubs

Going to a night club is a fun way of unwinding after a long day. The music, drinks, and interacting with other people can help you forget the stresses that define life. As much as spending time at a night club is fun, there have been instances of people, especially women getting sexually assaulted after they leave night clubs. Even though most night clubs have put up security measures to prevent robberies and attacks from happening within the establishments, there are still incidents that fall through. Visiting a night club requires individual responsibility to avoid becoming a victim.

Avoiding Sexual Assault When in Night Clubs

  • Never leave your drink unattended: Always carry your drink with you or completely discard it after it has been unattended even for a few seconds. This is because predators are always on the watch and they can slip drugs into unattended drinks and then take their victim after they get intoxicated. Under no circumstances shall you walk away from your food or drink; even if it is a bottle of water.
  • Go with friends: Going to a night club is fun when you are with your group of friends. Other than the fun you will have together, they also provide a layer of protection. You will look out for each other and this reduces the chances of becoming victims of sexual assault.
  • Drink in moderation: There are many articles that reinforce the fact that you are more likely to be sexually assaulted when drunk and wasted and this means that people who drink beyond their limit become vulnerable. Know when to stop.
  • Don’t go home with strangers: Before you go out to the night club, you should make arrangements on how you will go back home, especially if you will be drinking. Talk to a friend or arrange a taxi to pick you at a particular time.

While there is no excuse to explain why someone could get sexually assaulted, you should always remember that your safety starts with you. Do not put yourself in vulnerable situations.

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